Hello, lovelies.  


What a month it’s been. We seem to have transitioned from a global standstill into a veritable Revolution, seemingly over night. No, literally over night.

Eclipse seasons will do that. But then again, so can a nation refusing to ignore the murder of Black people at the hands of the State ever again. I won’t sit here as a white person and try and describe this uprising in such apolitical, detached notions of stars and planets. I’ll leave that to the Black astrologers and oracles (you can find a handful linked in my last post for the Full Moon). 

But what I can do is try and give some guidance on the coming confluence of Moon and Sun and how you, as an individual, can harness some of that energy to care for and support yourself so that we can keep fighting however we can. We need to be incorporating good habits into our routines right now that keep us grounded and resourced as we move into the future so that we never have to lose momentum. We need a built in reset button we push regularly to realign and refill. 

The New Moon in Cancer reminds us of this, with the Solstice showing us us the beauty possible when we do this work to create our New World. The Solar Eclipse gives us a chance practice holding paradox and using that energy to open a portal of wisdom. Mercury went into retrograde yesterday, increasing any ecliptic chaos that might be interrupting our efforts to communicate. 

And amid all of this nestles the incredibly important day Juneteenth, a celebration of the day the last of those born into American slavery learned of their emancipation. This day of joy and action sits right in the middle of all of this, harnessing the chaotic energy re-energize this movement at a point when many would otherwise begin to burn out. 

Ok that is a lot. Deep breath. Let’s start with the sun. 

Oh the summer solstice. Such dizzying highs do I associate with the energy of fullness and brightness utterly radiating from this Sabbat. The sun reaches its apex, its longest shine, and the world erupts in joy. Nearly every culture on Earth has some kind of celebration to honor this life-giving orb, and, in many cases, giving it a one hell of a send-off as it begins to retreat ever slowly back into the night. It always feels ironic that just as summer really kicks off, we already have to say goodbye, but isn’t that the way of things?  


Such a feeling is pretty well captured in Ari Aster’s Midsommar, no? Well that and many other feelings, but this witch found it both provides a great illustration of many Scandinavian customs still celebrated today (not all of them obviously lol) and also has quite a happy ending ;) 


(still from the movie Midsommar)

But paired with the exuberance of Midsummer (or Litha if you’re into that sort of thing) on the 20th, we also have the exceedingly inward-facing, deeply vulnerable New Moon in Cancer rounding out the 20th and 21st. What a wild convergence of seeming opposites! Paired with a lunar eclipse no less? Whatever will we do with ourselves?

Rather than be torn asunder by what appear to be conflicting energies, why don’t we harness the last of these powerful Gemini forces and hold this paradox within us. We as humans are utterly complex; paradox is an inherent part of this reality. Both magically and psychologically, practicing the skill of holding duality, or thinking dialectically, is deeply healing and empowering. It is the basis for Dialectical Behavior Therapy and shadow integration. So deeply aligned are they that I had blog once called Dialectical Witchery! Read it if you dare.  

“[E]verything I've learned about magic has shown me that the more I can hold an equal love and cherishing for two seeming "opposites" at once, the more I can open up my perception to truth, beauty and miracles.” ~Carolyn Elliott

Right now more than ever, we need to be collectively honing out dialectical thinking skills, as the journey to divesting from White Supremacy is just as fraught with seeming contradictions.   

antiracism dialectic

photo credit to @malefragility 

Our work in this direction is deeply aided by another, more common and also more powerful synchronicity: the Solar Eclipse. The moment the Moon and Sun align and become one, if only for a moment. Eclipse seasons are opportunities for dramatic cultural shifts, mass sheddings of old paradigms. Allow us passage from one world to the next, not just astrally but literally. Think of them as the Tower to a Full Moon’s Death.  

“Eclipses are pattern setting times. This is the second eclipse in a series of three. Eclipses act like exposés, unveiling what has been relegated to the shadows of our personal and collective lives. They set things in motion and mark moments where a longstanding issue breaks through to the conscious awareness of an individual, the collective, or both. Eclipses activate events that are already occurring. This eclipse happens to fall on the weekend of Juneteenth, a weekend that will have some of the biggest and broadest Black Lives Matter uprisings that we have seen thus far across the entire globe. As of writing this upwards of 275 public events are scheduled. It’s a massive moment in a longstanding movement. “  ~Chani Nicholas (I highly suggest reading the whole email and subscribing!)

We are being called to engage. I mean we have been and hopefully we have all been responding however we can. But this convergence deepens the truth we truly are at a threshold to something entirely New. All we have to do is keep moving through. 

Below are some ways you can personally harness the various aspects of this energetic smorgasbord to aid you in that direction. 

Another way, if you're not Black, is to continue donating time and money to the cause and to Black folks directly. Here are some places to do so: 

Black Lives Matter 

Marsha P Johnson Institute 

G.L.I.T.S. Inc 

The Loveland Foundation 

Unicorn Riot 

Know Your Rights Camp 

Innocence Project 

ActBlue Bail Fund Split 


As we enter this liminal space between night and day, Sun and Moon converging into one, the veils thin and messages that might be coming from other Places will be amplified. Let’s see if we can’t tap into any wisdom that might be gleaned from this rare moment of convergence.  

eclipse spread

Begin by pulling out the Moon (18) and Sun (19) cards and arranging them in the middle to simulate the eclipse, channeling its energies. 

1) What message is being sent to us through the portal of this Eclipse?

2) What does this message mean for me specifically? In what direction am I being led, should I choose to follow?

3) What do I need to be welcoming or letting into my life and myself right now? 

4) What do I need to release to make room for this new or reclaimed energy?

5) What can I do to stay grounded during this potentially chaotic time?

6) Message from my Spirit Guides and Ancestors. 

Ok my lovelies. I hope this helps to channel some of the chaos of this weekend into an energy you can use to take another step towards our New World. Black Lives Matter. Abolish the Police. Pay reparations. And for goddexx's sake, be gentle with yourself. 

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In love and magick,