“Every Full Moon you have a coven and we love you wildly and fiercely. Our magick is your magick, your magick is ours. So, beloved, when the Moon is full, gather in some sacred place, be it city or field, cupboard under the stairs or college dorm, and reach out your arms with your heart arched towards the night sky. “

~Alexis J Cunningfolk 

Hello Lovelies! In honor of our deeply probing Scorpios, lets dig in!

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“Scorpio unearths. No cover-ups can withstand these waters. No need to be nice. Here there is no striving for perfect; only honesty is necessary.  Scorpio hungers for real exchanges. Every yearning, every emotion, every story of how you sacrificed yourself and came to regret it, struggled with it, and reclaimed yourself from it - or not - satiates this sign. “

~Chani Nicholas

Scorpio can be a very unforgiving sign. With the full moon, it sheds light on the things we maybe didn’t want to see. 

Scorpio confronts, unapologetically. 

Scorpio does not shy away from the aspects of our earthly existence that often left to the shadows. 

Scorpio is the shadows. Just look at the world when the Sun is in Scorpio. In the Northern Hemisphere, it aligns with the periodic death of our natural world. Persephone returns to the Underworld. 

Scorpio loves the Underworld. 

We are living in a time where even the most privileged, and thus often blinded, are being confronted with the realities of economic and social inequality, of injustices built into our very systems that they (we) thought were keeping them afloat. Scorpio breaks down these illusions and seeks out the barest Truth, painful as it may be. Scorpio does not care for comfort. 

Now it is easy to sit here and write “Rip off that blindfold! Confront fearlessly or be bowled over by the Truth!” But that is not the message of this Moon and it is also simply not how humans work. In order to be able to do this very necessary but Very Hard Work, you have create and maintain a foundation of self-care and support to fall back on. Otherwise it can be quite dangerous to jump in head first. Shadow integration is a marathon, not a sprint, as frustrating as that can feel. For every confrontation, for every banishing, for every layer of toxicity you peel away, you have to hold yourself gently and with love. We are performing deep spiritual exfoliation here and we have to follow up with our sera and balms to promote new growth.

Ritual Bath

cthonic bath

Because it is ruled by fiery Mars, I am always surprised to remember than Scorpio is in fact a Water sign. When considering the sign, with its desires to plumb the murky depths of our souls, it feels obvious. Though it’s a much more aggressive energy than our other Water signs of shielded Cancer and pensive Pisces, Scorpio is still a deeply emotional sign, feeling every emotional as deeply as is possible, for better or worse. Thus it is yet again a great time for a Ritual Bath. 

One of the more utilitarian uses for incorporating baths into our magickal practice is to aid in banishing. Soaking in a bath with salts and herbs meant to draw out and absorb negative energy and spiritual toxins is a powerful way to release these burdens, followed by the catharsis of watching it all drain away. Regular banishing baths and showers are a powerful way to maintain control of your auric field and aid any long term workings. In my experience, they are excellent when used to support healing your mental health, when paired with more conventional treatments (i.e. taking cleansing baths after particularly intense therapy sessions or even deep healing conversations with loved ones). 

The most intense but efficient form of the cleansing ritual bath I’ve encountered is the traditional Alchemical Bath. Now this is not a bath for comfort or relaxation, but one for stripping away whatever you need gone, very quickly and thoroughly. It is excellent for deep workings, like healing ancestral curses or karmic debt from past lives. It is very effective, but takes its toll; you don’t want to soak for very long or else you will get very itchy. But! It is usually worth it. 

Alchemical Bath

1 lb of Epsom Salts

1 carton of Baking Soda (8 oz? the average smaller carton one usually finds at the grocery or dollar store)

A few drops of Essential Oils (frankincense, myrrh, cypress, sage, lavender, pine, and sandalwood are all good clearing oils)

Draw a hot bath and pour your salts and soda into the water, swirling around to dissolve. Pour in a few drops (lets say keep it under 10) of whatever essential oils you feel drawn to. I prefer to do this work in the dark with a candle, but it’s up to you. Once your space is set, climb into the bath and immerse yourself. If you’re already feeling itchy, especially in your more sensitive areas, don’t linger. Cover yourself, using your hands if you don’t fit all the way under. Wash each part of you with the clearing water and imagine every bit of that which no longer serves you being pulled our of your pores, like little black droplets. Stay away from your face for now. You can do a clay mask, especially a charcoal one, for the same affect in a gentler way. Imagine yourself feeling lighter and less encumbered already. 

When you have washed every bit of you, or when you’re too itchy to stand it (whichever comes first), drain the tub. Watch as all that you wish gone gets gone, down and out and away from you. Now, assuming you have a shower head involved with your tub somehow, turn that on and rinse away the salty itchy residue, along with anything that might remain. When you are done, make sure to moisturize! Slather yourself with your favorite lotion or ritual oil (nettle, mugwort, rose oil are all excellent for aiding in banishing!). Be sure to remain resolute in your banishings, as negative energies are wont to come crawling back if we’re not careful. Hence why regular cleansings are so powerful!

If you do not have a bath tub, or pale at the thought of subjecting yourself to full submersion in such a potential irritant, you can get much the same results by mixing equal parts Epsom salt and baking soda in a large jar or tub with warm water. Feel free to eyeball it, but the goal is as much as you can dissolve before it begins to precipitate back out of the water. When you are in the shower, take a moment out of the stream (or turn it off momentarily) and pour the solution over your body, making sure not to miss any bits. Rub it in, as you would wash with it, imagining as above. Return to the water and rinse as described. 

Ok folx, with all of that in mind, take your time this full moon and take everything in one at a time. Try not to overwhelm yourself with your workings; if you need some overwhelm, Scorpio will provide in spades whether you help or not. So best focus on making sure your needs are met and you’re grounded and resourced as you journey into your own Shadow, whether on your own terms or on the terms of the Moon. 

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In love and magick, 


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