dark moon

Oh sweet Gemini. I know not everyone shares my love of this sign, but it would be hard not to love my own stellium. My Sun, Venus, and Mercury all sit in this gloriously stimulating placement and I feel blessed. 

In the world Before, the “normal” pre-Corona one, this was a time of celebration: graduations, proms, end-of-the-year parties, weddings, barbecues, 3-day weekends, etc etc etc. As a collective, we can feel the return of summer at full force now and our hearts REJOICE! 

Now, they scream for that release. A Gemini does not do well locked inside. I would know. 

But one of the remarkable things about Geminis and their seasonal energies is the sheer vastness of their Minds. Intellect, cunning, and conscious thought, yes, but more than that; Gemini reminds us that we have the power to Dream. Imagination is just as much a part of the Gemini mind as rational thought, if not more. Ok, definitely more. 

This Gemini season, we remember that something need not be physical to be real. We can enter the infinite, immensely aided by the decidedly Gemini invention of the internet, and experience all the joy and community we possibly can while still protecting ourselves and our vulnerable by remaining in physical isolation. It may not seem readily possible or even worth the effort, but if Geminis are anything, we are problem solvers and necessity is the Great Mother of invention. We need now to tap into that inventiveness and get Creative, and Gemini comes just in time to teach us how. 

In many ways, Gemini brings with it just the things we need as we move through the third month (of maybe many more) of this quarantine, those which the misguided and fearful so-called protestors lack in droves: Empathy, Creativity, and a chance to shed the self-seriousness of this crisis and turn the rocks of our inner child over to rediscover Fun. 

It’s also quite the blessing that these gifts come wrapped in the quietude and subtlety of a New Moon. I’m not sure I would know quite what to say if I were coaching us all through a quarantined Full Moon in Gem, though I’m sure I will if it comes to that. But the introspective qualities of a Dark Moon temper the Gemini’s need for contact and direct communication, allowing us some flexibility in what that actually looks like. 

And to begin the entire season on a Dark Moon reassures me that I have the strength to persevere through a solitary birthday and a housebound Pride month. Can you really picture anything quite as sad as a Gemini alone on their birthday? I jest, but if you’ve ever been to a June birthday party, you know what a waste it could be. But when we apply our eye for invention and our gift of reorientation and perspective shifting, what might have been lonely becomes beautiful, empowered, and deeply, introspectively connected. (The fact that I don’t know exactly what that means, tangibly speaking, is also very Gemini 😉) 

Additionally, our path of communication with Source, Oracle, Higher Self, the Divine,  Spirit, whatever you like to call it, is particularly strong right  now and any messages it may be sending you are going to be clearer than  you many be used to. Open your eyes and look for synchronicity, those  little coincidences that feel More. Ask your guides to send you their  messages in dreams before you go to sleep and keep a dream journal.  Read! Read read read. Call your friends. Find a way to strengthen and  nurture that inner voice so that you can hear it over the anxiety,  self-judgement, and whatever else may be swimming within you,  threatening to drown out your own intuition. Gemini rules the voice,  find and nurture yours so that you may use it to spread whatever gospel  you know to be True.


“For those thoughts that spin round and round and round in your head, keeping you from focusing or falling asleep at night, Skullcap might be an ally….[It] both remedies the lack of focus that Gemini folk might find themselves in, but it also gifts the important Gemini gift of not fearing your words and thoughts but finding power in them.“~Alexis J Cunningfolk

tea time

Blisswort Blend Tea

Borrowing its name from another of Skullcap’s monikers, this tea pairs it with another trophorestorative, the humble Oat, along with neuroprotective Gotu Kola, ultra soothing Lavender, and heart-healing Hawthorn, with a touch of wise Sage to round it out and ground our yearning for knowledge.

2 pt Oatstraw 

2 pt Skullcap

2 pt Gotu Kola 

1 pt Hawthorn flower and leaf

1 pt Lavender buds

1/2 pt Sage leaf

Pick a measurement to use as your part based on how big you want your batch to be(tsp for a couple cups worth, a cup for a month or more of tea). Dried is preferred as it will keep, but if making a single cup fresh is fine, just double the amount. Add each herb one at a a time to to a clean dry dish. Blend together with a spoon or clean dry hands and as you do, imagine you are creating a soft blanket of safety lay over your energetic body to quiet your restless mind and open your heart to messages from roving Spirit.  To brew, pour just boiled water over 1 tbsp (per cup, scale up as needed) of your herbal blend and cover. Let steep for up t0 10 minutes (the lavender and skullcap can get a bit bitter when oversteeped, but I’ve never minded myself). Strain and drink before or as you perform your Gemini rituals or anytime you need to wind down. This can also be scaled up into a Bath Tea or Rinse. 

Alright, sweetlings, I’ll leave you with that. I hope you use this dark moon in Gemini, with its fellows Venus and Mercury sharing the placement, to be listen to what your body and your soul need. Feed yourself, on every level. Be gentle. Rest does not come easy under this mutable air sign, so we much learn the art of relaxation like our lives depend on it. 

Relax into yourself. 

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In love and magic, 


lil witch bb