Hello my watery ones. Are you feeling the fluidity in the air? Are you finding yourself, as I am, more readily absorbing the feelings and projections of others? Taking things a bit more personally? More often seeking a means of escape from the cacophony?

Welcome, again, to Pisces season. As the moon grows dark, slipping in to join the Sun in the sign of the Fishes, we can find boundaries dissolving, and our means of coping becoming less effective. 

under the sea

My advice? Well, perform your Boundary Magick and just keep breathing! Pisces reminds us that we came from the sea and, if we lean into whatever waves of emotion threaten to bowl us over, we can still breathe underwater. 

“In Pisces season, you too may feel weary of becoming. The vast oceans pull from every direction, making it impossible to choose a direction. Now is the time to be unburdened, letting go of your worldly ambitions to discover who you are beyond all the hype and hustle and noise.  In Pisces, you surrender to the Soul of the World, whose love and wisdom is the source of all love and wisdom.”
 ~Aeolian Heart 

Yes, I can be a bit dramatic when talking about Pisces szn, but who can blame me! It’s a very poetic time! Especially because Venus and Neptune have both joined us here in the mystical. 

That’s the good news. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, making its placement here Dignified and giving our waking life an even more dreamlike quality. What’s can keep it from turning nightmarish? Sweet Venus is in her Exaltation in Pisces!

venus on the half shell

In addition to one or two signs of rulership, each planet has a sign in which they are Exalted, wherein all of their best qualities are amplified and they become particularly open to engagement magickally. 

“When Venus is in Pisces, her powers freely flow. The expansiveness of Pisces magnifies her powers of attraction. Venus in an oceanic realm makes everything glisten and gleam, summoning new waves of love and luxury. The power of Venus in Pisces can be summarized as the desire to give birth to something transcendent.” ~Aeolian Heart, Sublime: The Art and Magic of Venus in Pisces

This deeply indulgent energy gives us a chance to bring out daydreams ever closer to reality. Really engage with what you want this month. What desires have you been ignoring or repressing? What desires feel too far off, or tom “much” to acknowledge? 

i desire to bathe in flowers like this

Challenge yourself a couple days this month, starting on tonight's New Moon (approx. 2:22am PT), to write a list of 20 desires. Start with “I desire…”. Once you can name 20 desires in one sitting (it’s both harder and easier than it seems!), try expanding on the idea and discovering the motivations behind those desires. Make the prompt “I desire ___ because with it, I will feel ____.” See what that changes for you. See if you can grant yourself any of these desires immediately. See if there are any you could take a single step towards this month. Maybe it’s enough just to see them at all, written out and made tangible for the first time in so much ink and paper. 

Dreams of all kinds, of course, are the purview of Pisces, with its dual influence from classical ruler grandiose Jupiter and modern ruler mystical Neptune. Everything becomes enchanted here. If you don’t already, I highly suggest keeping a dream journal during these upcoming Piscean conjunctions (Sun and Neptune on 3/10 and Venus and Neptune on 3/13). Keep it next to your pillow with a pen ready, so that you can jot down anything you remember as soon as you’re conscious. 

This week alone I’ve dreamt of remediating Mars placements, a wild party, a very muddy date, a labyrinthine journey, and an old friend with the same name of another old friend who, I discovered that morning upon waking, had died. The realm of our dreams is a threshold between our conscious world and that of spirits and archetype. It is often the first line of communication our guides use to connect with us. Listen to them when you can. Recognize patterns and symbols, discover meanings that feel resonant, and feel free to ask questions. You will get answers, even if it takes a while to notice. 

So, ground yourself in your desires and pay attention to your dreams, day and night. They hold more sway now than any other time of year. 


This spread is to help us get clear on why getting what we want isn’t always that simple. Is there a desire you just can’t seem to keep ahold of? Something you know you want but feel ambivalence towards? Keep that desire in mind as you draw, or find a card that embodies that and place it instead of drawing card 1. This spread can be performed in conjunction with talisman creation, as inspiration for what intention to use! It also plays well with your Desire excavation practice from the intro, as you can use those lists to cross check your spread if you have trouble interpreting the cards. 

Desire Divining Spread

1) What desire am I feeling most resistant to? 

2) Where does this resistance come from? 

3) How can Exalted Venus help me make this desire reality? 

4) What steps can I take to bring me into deeper alignment with my own desires? 

5) Message from my guides and ancestors about Desire. 

Desire Divination Spread

Alright, lovelies, I’ll leave you with that! If you want to read the full length ritual guide, which includes a double plant profile of Chickweed and Cleavers and a ritua for making a Venus in Pisces talisman, check out the Patreon and subscribe at any tier! 

So, build your boundaries strong, give credence to your dreams, and bask in your desires! And most importantly for all New Moon periods, Rest!

In Love and Magick,