Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by an eclipse season.

Coming so soon after the bloody excavation of this year’s Scorpio season, Monday’s Lunar Eclipse in Gemini might feel like climbing out of your grave to find the mausoleum door locked. 

afformentioned mausoleum

I’m still wiping the viscera off my glasses, can I get a fucking minute to breathe?

I mean, eclipses aren’t all bad. I would actually argue, despite my previous statements, that they rarely if ever bad. But they are nearly always a Challenge, and after a year like this one, another challenge does not feel good. But the possibilities they can open up are vast.

Eclipses are portals. They exist out of time and can thusly allow us to work through shit on fast forward. They clear the the brush, but of course such fast excisions are not always precise and sometimes we sacrifice more than we offered. 

lunar eclipse

Look at this summer. With the first of this particular Gemini-Sagittarius axis eclipse cycle in June, we saw a national, and then global, uprising in the name of Black Lives against state-sanctioned violence and the institutional racism this country was founded upon. This continued through the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. What a massive awakening to reality and the possibility of something Better. We’re due for another one now. 

While those moons were focused on Sagittarian notions of freedom, on Capricornian structural integrity (or lack thereof), and on Cancerian protection and how we meet the needs of ourselves and our community in sustainable ways, this weeks Full Moon in Gemini is focused on overhauling how we communicate with one another. 

We are (slowly but sure) transitioning out of four years wherein the meaning of Truth and of News lost all coherence. What can Truth mean in a world where “Fake News” is still being cried and underserved, fearful folks are still following a man whose Word is antithetical to anything grounded in reality?

That said, Gemini delights in this duality and thrives in paradox. This space between Truths can allow us to really dive into answering that question for ourselves. What is MY Truth? When nothing means anything, we can apply meaning exactly as we wish and be active participants in shaping the reality we experience. This world is little more than a waking dream we agreed to share before incarnating. It operates on much the same symbolic and metaphoric logic that our sleeping dreams seem to. 

So ask yourself the question but don’t wait for an answer. This moon is about discovering all that the question makes possible. Answers are little deaths, ending the line of glorious intellectual cartwheels a Gemini moon can allow for. 

Find spaces between the answers, between the extremes; not impartial but truly ambivalent. Feel the full weight of both options and sit with the possibility that both can be true. This type of dialectical thinking allows us to fully expand our awareness into the dark corners of paradox reality inherently creates. The more you can feel into the ecstasy of loss and the pain of success, and the more you can accept setbacks with a smile and acknowledge how terrifying getting what you want can really be, the easier it might be to find balance amidst the chaos of Life. 

In the modern world, the word chaos often stirs a shudder of fear. But in ancient Greece, chaos was defined as the pre-existence of the cosmos, the primordial soup of pure potential that all order emerged from and disintegrated back into. Thus, chaos is the matrix of creation, a wellspring of inspiration and innovation. ~Aeolian Heart 

The light of this full moon will shine on this chaos and remove any veils that might have hidden it behind illusions of security. God is Change, as Octavia Butler taught us, and Gemini’s eclipse is here to invite your worship instead of your rejection. Why is change so terrifying, when it is the only Truth we really have? Breathe your way through this fear and find your sea legs. 

This moon will hold no hard and fast answers. If you seem to find one, meet it with the utmost skepticism and question its very core. It is easy to get lost in your own head here, in the twisting winding curves of your trains of thought cutting through the tumultuous landscape of our collective unconscious. But all we need do is follow Mercury, our great psychopomp, guide between worlds, and trust that we will see the wisdom when we find our way back home. 


So to harness the balancing and protective powers of Licorice Root, I’ve concocted a lovely winter tea. 

steamin cuppa

ColdBerry Tea 

With fellow antiviral Elder berry, Vitamin C packed Rose Hip, cough-suppressing Hyssop, and anti-catarrhal (congestion-clearing) Wood Betony, this tea acts to both prevent and treat any mild cold or flu you might pick up, supporting in other common-sense ways to do so (also obviously I cannot claim they literally do either). But more importantly, this tea is just yummy! Find herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs.

2 pt Elderberries

1 pt Rose Hips

1 pt Hyssop

1 pt Wood Betony

1/2 pt Licorice Root

Pick a measurement to use as your part based on how big you want your batch to be (tsp for a couple cups worth, a cup for a month or more of tea). Add each herb one at a a time to to a clean dry dish. Blend together with a spoon or clean dry hands and as you do, feel these herbs of winter stoke your inner flame and strengthen your Truth.

To brew, pour just boiled water over 1 tbsp (per cup, scale up as needed) of your herbal blend and cover. Let steep for 3-15 minutes (the yarrow can get a bit bitter when over-steeped, but I’ve never noticed it in this blend). Strain and drink before or as you perform your Eclipse rituals or anytime feel the sniffles coming on. This can also be scaled up into a Bath Tea or Rinse. 

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In Love and Magick, 


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