Can you feel it, basking in the Sun's rays? Can you feel the surge of its growing power? Our very own star is exalted here in the sign of Aries. 

We discussed exaltation at the New Moon in Pisces, when sensual Venus was at her touchy-feely peak. In the sign of the ram, ruled by the unyielding Mars at the beginning of the zodiacal year, the Sun's vital and healing energy of rebirth and self-knowledge is exalted. 

Now I could wax poetic on why the Sun finds a particular alignment here in Aries, and I might still, but the truth of it is that the original meaning behind why certain planets are exalted in certain signs is lost to history. Exaltations (and thus Falls) are one of the most ancient aspects of astrology still used today, dating back 2nd millenia Babylon. In fact, it was Babylonian astrology that actually established the division of the ecliptic into twelve signs, adopted by Egyptian and Hellenistic astrologers in later centuries.* 

While we perhaps cannot Know the ancient mysteries of the Exaltations, we can still feel into the Truth of them, let them deepen our intuitive understand and unconscious relationship with the Zodiac as we know it presently. Plus, the irony of considering the unknowable, subconscious aspects of astrology in the context of the illuminating, excavating Sun delights me. 

You see, the Sun shines its light indiscriminately. Everything and everyone beneath it feels its power. Beneath the loving light of the Sun, you cannot hide or pretend or ignore. In discerning and decisive Aries, this light tempers Mars' jumps to judgement and allows us to absorb all the information, rather than just what is convenient.  This can feel terrifying.  As someone who feared the dark for much of my life, I found an almost paradoxical attachment to it that made darkness and chaos more comforting and familiar a state than the stark light of truth. Truth can be confronting, it can be painful and ego-destroying; Truth can feel like death. But it's is rarely what you think it is and often, that misconception is the actual source of pain and fear. Because ultimately, Truth is healing. It is sometimes the beginning of healing, the part that feels like destruction and chaos and End, the Putrefaction phase of alchemy. But when you commit to Truth, it can hold you in its light through to bliss.  This is just one aspect of the Solar power of healing. The Sun teaches us so much of resiliency and rebirth, as it dies each night and returns without fail come dawn. Its seat on the Tree of Life is Tipharet, the seat too of Osiris and Apollo and Mithras and Jesus, our reborn Sons. It is where dwells our Holy Guardian Angel, our Higher Self, the divine aspect of our souls that is constant through each life. In English, the (Hebrew) Tipharet is Beauty. And, as I see each new bud blossom, greeting the bees and hummingbirds of spring this Aries season, I know why Beauty is exalted.  All of this is to say that engaging in the Solar mysteries is a fruitful and gratifying experience this lunation! It's not an exaggeration to say that the Sun was our first God! And every single lineage on earth has Solar aspects you can work with. But this can also be as simple as sitting in the Sun for a few minutes this weekend and absorbing some Vitamin D. 

Make some Sun tea! Wear gold! Light a yellow candle! Feel into your body and discover where you might need more light, what shadows need illuminating. Find in yourself the divine energy of the Solar lion, or the reborn Son. 

Sunday's New Moon in Aries can be a challenging time if you're feeling stagnant or held back in some way. The ram does not like obstacles. But engaging the Sun and directing its light into your heart can go a long way towards cultivating patience and forgiveness for yourself and anyone else participating in or enabling your limiting patterns and beliefs. Think of Solar energy as a more sustainable fuel with which to engage the Aries drive for change. Without it, you might find yourself burned out and spiraling. 

*I believe. my caveat is that I am not particularly versed in the history of astrology outside of a hellenistic context and some of the research is difficult to parse


Harnessing the energies of the Sun and Mars, as flare in potency with 3 planets and wounded healer Chiron in Aries right now, can help us move more into our power and end patterns of people pleasing and shrinking ourselves. But these transitions can be challenging, especially if we begin by judging the part of that pattern that has kept us safe up to this point. Almost all negative behavior patterns stem from the fact that they were once effective as coping mechanism to a very specific danger, even if they have since only caused more harm and strife. Breaking patterns becomes smoother and more sustainable when we can do so with love and softness for our transition bodies and spirits and compassion for our past selves. Here's a spread that can help identify some of the moving parts as we make that transition in this powerful moment. 

Step Softly into your Power Spread

visual spread

If you want to up the ante here, try pulling out the Emperor and the Sun and setting them above the spread.

1) Where am I hiding my light? Where in my life am I shrinking myself for the comfort of others?

There are situations wherein it is not appropriate or safe to feel all of our feelings out loud, and power dynamics/axes of oppression make can complicate that, but if you find you are bottling your emotions out of fear of retribution or staying silent in the face of disrespect or even microaggressions, it can be powerful for both you and the other parties in question to move into asserting yourself and your needs. This placement sheds light on where in your life this may be happening or which one to focus on right now. 

2) How can I harness this Solar and Martial power to shine brighter? What actions do I need to take to begin this transformation?

In order for magick to work, we have to take tangible symbolic action to show the universe and ourselves we mean business! Even if it's simply saying it aloud to another person (bonus points if you're open to accountability for follow through!).

3) How can I best honor the fear that makes me shrink? How can I show compassion to the part of me that established this pattern?

If you don't acknowledge and thank this part of yourself, it's likely to retreat back into shadow and the pattern will cement itself. Self-compassion is essential for self-transformation, even if it feels counter-intuitive or difficult. 

4) How can I best care for myself as I move further into my power? 

This is a challenging move to make and we must be kind to ourselves as we work through it. 

5) Message from your guides. 

Take your time with this. If the cards feel confusing, pull more for clarity and journal out what you see and where those images and layers of meaning take you. As with a lot of self-readings, you might already know the answers, but need confirmation from your guides; or maybe there is a blind spot you're not seeing that the cards and writing through them might guide you to see. And if you want someone else to guide you through this, I'm available for readings and can offer 20% off for patrons :) You can schedule a reading by emailing

Alright, lovelies, I'll leave you with that! Be sweet to yourself this moon, it may not come as easily as anger but it will blunt any sharp edges you may be feeling.

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  In Love and Magick, 


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